Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The morning forecast had been 30% showers when I looked last night but this morning it showed 70% rain and thunderstorms. Of course that didn't stop me, though I did decide not to trailer out and just ride from home in case the skies did open up. My husband's friend came up with his son for a few days, from Santa Barbara. His son had never been on a horse before so before I left for a ride we put the little boy up on Blaze and walked him around the yard. Blaze is such a saint, he was perfectly behaved and calm, then when the little boy got off and was petting him B had his head all the way down to the boys level and was being so quiet and cute. Then when I head out on the trail he is Mr. forward, trot, canter, anything you like. Pretty awesome qualities to be in one little horse!
We had a good ride, almost 7.5 mile loop up to the top of the ridge and back down and home. I jogged a mile (mostly) downhill next to Blaze which felt great. Its so much easier to go for a run when your horse is with you, I find! He does a lovely little controlled jog and we just truck down the hills. I ran a flat and one uphill too, just to see if I could. I haven't been running since I broke my leg a year and a half ago and I do miss it, so its nice to mix some jogging in with the ride and give Blaze that break as well.
We made it back in the driveway just as rain drops started to fall and made it under the roof of the wash/tack area as insane HAIL started pounding down. I am SO glad we weren't out on the pavement walking home when it started hailing, good grief. We were literally in time by seconds! I put Blaze's waterproof warm blanket on since its pretty chilly today and now intermittent rain. I think we found the only sunshine of the day and now its time to bundle up and hide inside!

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