Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Redhead!?

It looks like my filly Sheza is shedding out into a nice deep red chestnut! Everyone was pretty much assuming she would turn gray and told me to look for white eyelashes/hairs around the nose and eyes. She has never had white hairs around either, her eyelashes are red, and she is shedding out red! I will of course love her no matter the color but MAN will she be a beauty if she does stay red and grows up with all those flashy white markings. I'm sure her color will vary with the seasons etc but at the moment she is almost the exact color of my hair! Redhead power! Oh and I am speaking up about this finally because my friend, a horse trainer who grew up on an Arabian breeding farm, and the gal that helped get me back in the saddle after my accident, came over today and seconded the redhead opinion. I was pretty sure but figured I wouldn't make any statements until I had a second opinion!
I woke up to blue skies this morning but by the time I showered and went out to feed it was all gray and cold again. This is such a cold, wet spring! We are supposed to get another storm this weekend and not see the sun until Tuesday. Of course who knows, the weather is very changeable around here. The only thing I'm sure of is the rain! That never fails to make an appearance when predicted lately. Anyhow I was planning to trailer to the lake for the first time in three weeks (due to the virus) but the weather was hardly encouraging so we just went for a shorter loop ride here from home. There is one loooonnng stretch of the dirt road that is wide and flat and you can see way in front of you for cars so we like to stretch out and do a little sprinting there. That's a rush! Blaze is so responsive, when I would gallop (or canter, sometimes) on my old mare Angel it would take a "landing strip" as I called it, to stop her!! I mean she went into nutty race mare mode and on more than one occasion we were doing a 1 rein stop. Blaze will stretch out and haul ass but the lightest touch or word and he is slowing instantly. He is getting better at relaxing into a more mellow canter too, I say "easssssyyyy" when he starts trying to go race horse on me and ask him to round and supple and he is getting better at relaxing into a nice rocking canter. His interference cut is looking better, the wrap is staying up and on and the cut is starting to heal over, so that is great. I am going to be overly cautious with it and keep it wrapped a few days longer, its just now healing and if he hits it with his shoe once it will be raw again. He cracks me up standing out in his paddock with his dress, I mean blanket, on. It is the right length for him but he is so short you don't see a whole lot of leg coming from underneath the blanket, and he has bright purple vet wrap on his leg. Ahh what a cute fellow.
Made myself run another mile today! I say made because I started to jog next to Blaze and it wasn't one of those running days where it feels gooooood, it was one of those where the body is already sore and jogging feels more like "ow eee oo ah" than anything. I forced myself to push through that initial discomfort and then loosened up and felt better finishing the mile. And of course afterwards I am just glowing hot and exhilarated, and posting actually feels easier, as my legs are all warmed up and feeling loose.
Well here comes another weekend of rain. Blaze is blanketed so he doesn't get cold and stiff after our gallavant today (we didn't do many miles but did enough "work" in it to count). Monday the farrier comes and Tuesday I am riding at the lake (hooray!) with a new endurance friend (hooray!). Time to get my sweatshirt and fuzzy boots on!


  1. Lemme just tell ya - the first line of this was NOT what I expected! ;)

  2. hehee - I love the appropriate red leaves for your new background :) also, even if you're out of breath and sore from running, you're awesome, I have never been in good enough shape for that. Being disciplined enough to train your body to run is crazy hard- I'm envious!