Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looking Forward to Tomorrow--and Next Week!

Been a couple days of silence here on the ole blog, time just flies when the weather is warm and the sun is out! I gave Blaze Wed & Thurs off after our 20 mile ride Tuesday, and was planning to ride yesterday, but got awful food poisoning Thursday night and was pretty much out of commission yesterday. My husband and I went out gallivanting fishing and enjoying some beautiful peaceful time by the river on Thursday but we grabbed a quick lunch out and I think that was what caused the nasty episode that night and into the wee hours of Friday. I can't recall the last time I had food poisoning..actually I honestly think it was WAY back when I was a kid and my step dad cooked up mushrooms he had picked (he actually really does know his mushrooms, in general). The entire household was sick as dogs that night, with the exception of my step dad. Figures! Anyway that was years ago but may indeed have been the last time it happened to me. Yesterday I felt like my insides had been scoured out with a bristle brush! I feel just fine today and its a bit cooler day, though still plenty warm when working out in direct sunlight. I just mowed up the last big lawn so we are once again caught up, though I'm sure it will have to be done again a few more times. Today I moved all the horses over to the east side of our property which has 2 big pastures and a smaller paddock all grown chest high with grass and flowers and weeds..yikes..we were planning on getting it mowed, then we attempted just weed whacking it..well anyway, its a bit of a mess this year but today was the day to move everyone on over and see what, if any, dent they make in it. I would have moved them over ages ago and had it more in control but it rained for a couple of weeks and the horses pretty much live in their sheds when its raining, so I left them in their paddocks with sheds for the duration of that. There is one shed on the eastern side of the property and trees in each pen, but its mostly open pasture. I like having them over on the house side because they are essentially in the front yard and easy to interact with, also easier to catch in a paddock than a big pasture if they decide to be punks! Anyhow they are all moved over and waterers set up so they are busy eating as fast as they can possibly eat. I think I'll take mom and filly out for a stroll down the dirt road this evening, as long as the husband will help, and then put them in their paddocks for the night so they don't just explode with grass eating madness! They have all been on enough grass in the last few months that they aren't in danger from all the grass but for my own peace of mind I will stick them back in their "dry lots" for the night. Also that way they can all get their appropriate grain without any complications or more rearranging.
Tomorrow I am meeting the same friend I did 20 miles with earlier in the week at a new riding spot! I am pretty excited. She already checked out these trails last week and said they were nice and nearly no one knows about them so we should have it all to ourselves which is nice. It will be great to ride in a new spot as well, though I have only trailered out the once since the virus so for the moment I am still ready to ride anywhere, any time, as long as its off this property! This time next week, fingers crossed, Blaze and I will be out on the trail at the Hat Creek Hustle race up by Manton. It seems like forever and a day since the last ride beginning of May but it also seems like it was just yesterday. Blaze's feet were done up with pads on Tuesday before we rode so they are looking just fine. I am a little nervous about the interference mark on his hind that I am still keeping wrapped, he is completely sound and going down the tail fine but I don't want the vets to think its something bad. I am thinking I will bring him to vet in with it wrapped so we can trot out without him hitting it, then unwrap it and show it the vet so they know what it is and can notate it on my card so I don't have to keep unwrapping it for each vet check. I will probably have to re wrap it at lunch time anyway since it did slip significantly more on our ride Tuesday when we were really trucking than it has on my shorter rides here. I'm sure it will work out I am just always a little gun shy about new things at a ride, especially a ride I don't know, and vets I don't know. I have been on the receiving end of some pretty brusque, assuming vets who weren't very kind in the past so I'm a little skeered! That's about it for now, hoping to take some photos of the new trails tomorrow and will share them here if I do!

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