Monday, June 13, 2011

A Wild Flower Ride

Yesterday morning I met my new riding buddy at a new trail head. She tried it out last week and enjoyed it and we figured we would avoid the weekend riding traffic at Lake Oro and check this spot out. Its about 25 minutes from the house, about the same distance as the lake, so either one works. Apparently hardly anyone knows about it and we certainly didn't see a soul, though the trailhead is right on a road in a neighborhood. There was lots of shade and beautiful fields, a lovely stream, and wild flowers everywhere!

It was about a 9 mile ride out and back, with two nice long, gradual uphills. A nice distance and exertion level for Blaze to keep loose before the race. I will ride him lightly here Wednesday and then we'll head out Friday. Can't wait!


  1. Pretty ride! So the new riding buddy works out well with Blaze? That's great :)

    Good luck at the ride!

  2. The wild flower jaunt was nice, I will definitely go again, though after I get the pads off after the race this weekend, pads on long grass downhill= SLICK. I must boast for a moment and say that Blaze truly gets along with anyone, I am very lucky in that respect. He is quite laid back, I have only ever seen him cranky w/ another horse once, when a pissy mare was trotting right up his arse, and then who blames him? The new riding buddy is a "4 yr old stuck in an 11 yr old's body" according to his owner, so while he is a sweet boy, and SCARY athletic (off the race track, legs for days, not a spare ounce of fat), he has his "moments" so steady ole Blaze makes a great riding partner to keep him calm.
    Thanks, looking so forward to this ride! Hope your mare is doing better.