Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Packing for Lake Almanor

While I'm not physically packing for Lake Almanor, I am most definitely packing and repacking for it in my mind. I am much more anxious and stressed out this week before the race than last time, but that is mostly to do with outside factors (our bank account getting hacked into AGAIN etc) and if I stop and really think about it all the horse aspects and the race itself should be A okay and fun. I just can't wait to be there already. The husband suddenly decided he wanted to leave tomorrow (Thursday) instead of the usual Friday; it will probably be nice to get up there early and get a prime camping spot and be able to relax before the race, but its just making me more squirrelly because he is off in the truck (which I need to pack, not a big deal but I am seriously uptight about plans and packing) and our animal/plant watcher isn't even back in town yet. I know, I know, it will all work out. Just breathe.
I got up this morning and was showered, saddled, and out the gate in 20 minutes! I know I'm fast but that seemed speedy even for me. We left about 6:20 and rode up the steep hills to the top of the ridge and back, about a 6 mile ride. Some jerk on a dirtbike came FLYING down the narrow dirt road at least 40 mph and not only didn't slow down but actually pinned it wide open past us! Poor Blaze spooked a little but not bad but MAN was I furious! There is absolutely no reason, not even an emergency, to not at least slow down a little when passing a horse, but to just fly on by on a narrow little road like that...ohhh man I am still pissed off right now. If I wasn't on the nearest thing to a bombproof horse it could have gone badly for me, not that he would have known since he would have already been a mile down the road as I was getting bucked off or something.
Anyhow the plan is to pack at some point, animal/house watcher to show up at some point, hoping my new bank card shows up at some point..and somehow we are leaving tomorrow for the Lake Almanor ride...

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