Saturday, July 23, 2011


That's about what I was thinking as I was bunny-hopping--I mean, cantering, around the arena on Desire this evening. She was a bit worked up and isn't in shape so I don't think its a great representation of her true canter out on the trail but it was pretty hilarious as she took these BOING-BOING strides around the arena. It wasn't actually hard to sit you just had to let yourself go fully with the momentum of up and down. She is a little hard to figure out, I feel like her brain is off somewhere in the distance and and she is only tuned into being a saddle horse with about 60% of her attention. She does what is needed and isn't particularly difficult but I don't entirely like the feeling of her being so "checked out." I am really curious to have my horse trainer friend come ride her and see what she thinks. I confess I am so used to Blaze that I am having to re-discover what its like to ride someone new, but I really think Desire is somewhat on a distant plane in her mind. Of course I don't feel like I will truly know her until we are out on the trail since that is my (and I suspect her) true element. I tried to recruit the husband to ride Blaze and I would ride the mare and pony filly for our first ponying journey out into the world but he begged off and went fishing. I am getting a little frustrated as I really want to take this next step with the filly and just don't feel that its safe to go off alone for the first time. I guess I will have to try to schedule my horse trainer friend to come out and help me, if possible.
Anyhow I had a fun be-bop around the arena with the mare, her fly bites are healing nicely and the War Paint protects them from re-irritation. I did put a thick gauze pad over the one that lies right where the girth runs and duct taped it on just in case the girth rubbed it since it wasn't 100% healed and it seemed to work just fine.
Must be time for some ice cream!

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