Friday, July 22, 2011


This morning my husband and I decided to do some carpooling, since the fishing hole he goes to every morning (or evening, depending) abuts the riding trails at the lake. We left around 6 and after a stop for ice I was in the saddle by 7. He went off to meet some friends and fish and I headed down the cool canyon where the sun wouldn't reach us for a few hours. We rode Sycamore hill and I walked/jogged halfway up it and all the way down, then we looped back around to the gravel road and were technically almost at the trailer but I took a higher trail, crossed the highway, and added a few more miles winding along the hillside. About 2 miles from looping back around to the trailer Blaze threw his front right shoe! I had just been telling myself this morning it was time to call the farrier--speaking of, doing that right now before I forget again! Okay, left messages--and then the shoe went zinging off. I have my fingers crossed he will be able to run up and throw front shoes on Blaze before next Friday when we leave for Lake Almanor! Oh man, I hope he isn't out of town...okay, let the paranoia cycle begin. I never believe a farrier will shoe until I see the whites of his eyes, and I still have that feeling ingrained despite my farrier being thus far great and reliable.
Anyhow I walked Blaze back to the trailer with only one shoe left ( we call him Shoeless Joe) and then untacked, sponged B, and took him for a walk over to the fishing hole to scare up the husband. We did some fancy footwork to get around a rock barricade (sure your motorcycles might not make it but my Arab mountain goat will!) and found the man who had a successful morning of fishing. All in all a great way to carpool and start the day!

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