Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm Home...

..and its 90 degrees in the shade. After a week of about 50 degrees and drizzle my system is in a bit of shock. I gave a friend a ride this morning so an hour and a half of my four hour drive went quickly. My cell phone won't charge and the battery died and my iPod was dead as well, no charger. Boy, am I gadget dependent or something? A week without my DVR, I tell ya...okay, actually it was really fun and I loved hanging out with my brothers and reading a bunch (Dance with Dragons, yeahhhh!) and didn't miss the t.v. at all. I DID miss my horses though. Oh yeah and the husband ;) I should really go love on the horses but it is nasty out there right now and I am very hot and tired. My husband's birthday presents came (3 sizes of skillets) and I brought home our mountain lion archery target my family brought from husband loves to shoot his bow and I have been meaning to bring it to him for a year or so! I tend to forget something EVERY time I go home to my parents house. I got to meet my new nephew, first child of my brother who lives down south. The happiest, most smiley baby I have ever seen!
I went for a ride with a friend and rode a Quarter Horse for the first time in...YEARS, anyway. Oh, probably back when I worked as a trail guide on the coast, there were a few QHs there. I can't wait to get back on my zippy little Blazey boy. Lake Almanor ride is next weekend! It will be here in no time.
Oh man its 5 pm and the couch is calling my name, I am hot and sleepy.

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