Monday, September 26, 2011

It Is Done

I moved Desire to the paddock next to Sheza this morning. Sheza whinnied twice then saw how close mom was and they both went to grazing without further commotion, haven't heard a peep since. I'm sure there will be a ruckus when I pull one or the other to work with them but I won't do that for a few days yet. I spoke to my vet this morning about shots for Sheza etc now that is becoming a big girl and won't be nursing. She will probably come end of this week or maybe next to do Sheza's 6 month shots.

Time flies!! Didn't she just look like this a minute ago?


  1. That is great! I hope it stays quiet. Love the baby photo, the big to little blaze is adorable. It is great you've been able to document her growing up. Major's owner gave me a couple baby photos, I love having them.

  2. Ugh just lost a long reply, stupid computer. Anyway thanks, things seem to be going well. Sheza is hanging out along the fence line near mom on the other side but I went in there a couple of times and she left the fence right away to come to me and socialize so she doesn't seem too bummed out. Mom is busy eating all the old weeds to be found in her new space, she is such a donkey.
    I'm loving documenting her growth and learning. Think it will great fun to look back on. And if I ever do decide to raise a foal again I can look back at how everything went :)