Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What are the Odds?!!

Today was my husband's day off so I actually got to leave the property for the first time in about a week. We are in major housewife-at-home/husband-goes-off-to-work mode and as a rather independent person who spent all spring and summer throwing my horse in the trailer and gallivanting off to the trails--well lets just say this current lifestyle is a bit different. It won't last forever though, we are looking at getting a second truck in a month or two to replace our Jeep that bit the dust this summer. And salmon season ends in November I think so his work on the boat will be over for the time being. He is having a great time working as assistant guide and its a wonderful opportunity as being a guide is his dream job and he has his foot in the door now with another young guy already succeeding at the business.

Anyway, the point of this post: When we got to town and cell service I got a voicemail from someone who said they were cleaning someone's belongings out and found my checkbook! My cell phone number is on my checks and they saw the different name on the checks from the person who had the checkbook and decided things weren't right and they should call the number. I called them back right away but went to their voicemail then I caught them on the phone this evening and turns out they not only have my checkbook but they found my PURSE TOO!! I am so happy about this, my husband and I bought that purse together in Maine on the day of our wedding and its the first nice purse I've ever owned. I always wanted a soft leather purse and that was it. I was really pissed off and sad about it being stolen and the funny thing is I hadn't even dragged out one of my other old purse's to use, I was rebelling against replacing it and had been carrying my wallet and junk around in my big purple AERC convention bag, lol. And come to find out the purse has been found and is being returned to me! Unfortunately they didn't find my husband's fly fishing rod that got snagged out of my truck at the same time--that was a huge surprise gift I gave him a year ago and a beautiful rod so bummer on that. But still, what are the odds of recovering the purse! And I get my nice leather checkbook cover back too, for what its worth.

Day two of weaning went well, Sheza ate her hay well overnight and let me put her fly mask on nicely this morning--sometimes she still skitters away when I walk up to her in the paddock with the mask in my hand, but after a couple steps and giving me the "you crazy person" look she always lets me put it on. AND this evening when I went to take it off she just stood and let me take it off instead of her usual: stand, pull the Velcro open, filly spooks and runs away, comes back, then get the mask off. Or sometimes when she spooks she throws the mask off herself. Tonight however she was all manners and the mask came right off. Desire seems to be off her hay slightly, I am keeping an eye on her. Her bag is swollen with milk tonight, poor thing. She ate her Elk Grove Milling mash in her usual greedy fashion so that's good. I spoke to my vet this morning and she is coming next Wednesday to do Sheza's shots. I'm planning to use my big irrigating syringe to simulate giving shots and try to get her used to that so its as smooth an experience as possible. Just used to the sight of a syringe and it tapping her neck etc. I also asked my vet if there was anything I could or should do with Desire as far as her big swollen milk bag but she said the mare just needs to tough it out and the milk should dry up before long.

I picked up a new bag of Elk Grove Milling mix today, this time I got the Timothy/Alfalfa/Rice Bran pellets. I like to add some water to it and make a mush and all the horses eat it right up. I threw some in with Sheza's Foal Developer tonight and she gobbled it. She is born to eat wet mash so at least I won't have to worry about that for her endurance career ;) 

Can't wait to get my purse back!

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