Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy Busy

Well I've been neglecting the blog the last few days. The weather has suddenly decided its fall, or maybe winter, and rain is forecast with winds and 45 mph gusts by Wednesday. The last few days I have been cleaning up around the property, putting the camping gear and other summer stuff away, etc. We need to stack some more wood that's for sure. So far we haven't timed the whole restocking the woodshed thing well, we certainly don't want to do it in 100 degree summer but seem to then leave it to late in the year.

Anyway, Sheza and Desire are doing well, Sheza has started lying down to nap again in the last few days, she didn't for the first few days after I separated them. She is eating like a hog and there isn't a wisp of hay left come next feeding time. I'm feeding grass hay with some Elk Grove Milling hay pellets and Sheza gets some Foal Developer as well. The hay grower I am trying to hook up with will not return my call so I'm really frustrated there but hopefully that will come through.

I put Blaze's blanket on for the first time tonight, since rain is forecast and he and his mini are out in the big pasture with lots of trees but no shed like the other paddocks have. Blaze loves standing in his sheds so I feel a little guilty he doesn't have one now but he does have plenty of shelter in the trees should he choose to use it, and now he has his thick waterproof blanket on as well. Napoleon the mini is hairy as a little mountain goat so I'm not really worried about him. I still need to order Sheza a blanket though she as grown a nice little winter coat. Desire doesn't seem to grow a winter coat, she didn't have one when she arrived last January and isn't particularly fuzzy now. Curious.

I'm exhausted and have to figure out something to make for dinner...


  1. I've been doing the same, readying for winter weather. I did get my wood stacked, though I always hold out till the last minute to make a fire and heat the house, trying to make summer last. It sounds like your horses are settling in, warm in their blankets! I don't blanket till it is much colder, and I still haven't ordered a mid-weight one yet! Too much to do, I'd rather be riding. This rain is coming too soon, it was almost 90 degrees a couple days ago!

  2. It poured here all day! And 100% rain tomorrow with wind gusts up to 45 mph. Horses have their first "mud on" of the season. I only blanketed Blaze out of the herd since he doesn't have one of his beloved sheds in the big pasture. Desire and Sheza have a shed apiece and aren't blanketed as yet. Definitely a quick transition to winter! But should be sunny and in the 70s again by the end of the week says NOAA