Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Torrential Downpour!

Last night we got some SERIOUS rain. It was gray with on and off sprinkles all day but by dark the rain had started and it absolutely roared and poured most of the night. Since we bought our home last year and have the horses at home (I boarded my horses out most of my horse-owning life) I don't sleep through stormy nights very well, there is so much to think about as far as trees down or possible property damage, the horses etc. I also get paranoid about the power going out because I HATE it when that happens. It really doesn't happen very often here but when I was growing up on the coast it happened quite a few times a winter so I am still ingrained to expect/dread it.

This morning Blaze was snug as a bug in a rug in his thick waterproof blanket, the mini looked like a little swamp creature, Sheza was bug eyed and spooky, and Desire was shivering. Poor girl doesn't have any sort of winter coat. It looks like she at least managed to stay under her shed most of the night since she wasn't soaked, but Sheza was sure soaked. I definitely need to order D and Sheza's blankets, it was in the 40s and pouring last night and is supposed to be in the 40s again tonight.With wind and/or rain and a horse with no winter coat that's pretty chilly!

Everything is soggy and cold and wet. I'm drinking a hot cup of tea with my chihuahua curled up on a heating pad next to me. Enjoying it, since the forecast says sunny and in the 70s by Friday.

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