Friday, October 14, 2011

Dogs and Horses etc

Today was so gorgeous and warm! I mowed our front lawn which was a big lush Amazonion jungle (and killed the mower 4 times even on the highest setting) and the fresh cut lawn and warm air just made me sooo sleepy all day. Not sleeping due to our dogs barking like nutters all night also made me sooo sleepy all day. This whole week of the "harvest moon" the dogs have been on edge and barkier than barky. Its ridiculous with four dogs because if one starts even with an idle half-assed bark all four in their various locations take it up and its like COME ON you don't even know what you're barking at but you're going bananas?! Well I guess I am less tolerant of barking than some. I was saying today though that it's like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The dogs bark at nothing SO often that eventually we stop checking what they're barking at. And one of these days they are going to be barking at something important. So I am wishing they would preserve their barking for real security occasions rather than buzzards and phantasms only doggies see. Well that's an idle wish but I share it just the same. Its pretty funny the whole selection of barks, actually. Our Catahoula hound mix does this crazy high pitched yodeling when he is messing with the cats or there is something to do with chasing prey. Wilbur the mini dachshund has an incredibly sharp ear splitting bark and isn't shy with it, in fact he just barked out of nowhere in the quiet living room and startled the crap out of me!

Anyway another lovely fall day spent working around the place, only would have been better if I had been riding. Speaking of--big news! I've sent off the email initiating my order for a Specialized saddle through Desire's previous owners at GETC in Utah. I'm going to do a trial on a Eurolight, and if it works out I totally want all the awesome options like fleece fenders (riding in shorts, yo!), interchangeable seats of fleece and leather, etc. I can't believe the saddle is only 12 lbs. I rode in them in Utah a year ago but I have done so much riding since then I don't remember the feel of the weight. I'm really excited, I've never bought a *new* saddle before, I know there are downsides to it but its still exciting.

The new winter blankets arrived in the mail yesterday. Sheza's is a cute little navy blue waterproof turnout and Desire's is a great bright purple! I will definitely have to take photos of them wearing them. And get Sheza used to having it on and off!

I've been grooming Sheza in her paddock every day and hanging out with her and playing with her Jolly Ball enticing her to play with it. She had a great time kicking around a red feed bucket in the big pasture this summer but I didn't like the risk of the bucket and handle with her little legs so I threw a big white sealed jug and a Jolly Ball in her paddock instead. I really enjoy hanging out with her and our bond is getting pretty strong! She is so social, every when my husband pulls up she trots over to the fence and whinnies at him. Cars can come and go but she only whinnies at the truck and any time she sees or hears me. I am loving my filly! 

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