Thursday, October 6, 2011

Return of the Sun and the End of (some) Procrastination

After steady rain all last night and half of today, the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds this afternoon. It was intermittent but it was there and the forecast calls for more sun tomorrow and for the next few days. Temperatures in the 70s, 40s at night. Sounds mighty nice to me! I think I'll try hand walking Sheza out through the neighborhood tomorrow or the next day. Desire still has a fairly full milk bag and I am letting that subside before I ride her more. I can't imagine its comfortable. I'm not going to pony Sheza off Blaze riding him bareback, that's for sure! So going for a nice walk or two and get some more exposure, more practice on ground manners. And get that practice going out and about without mom for the first time.

I ordered Desire a purple Viking II Turnout from Schneiders and a navy blue Expandable Foal Blanket from Schneiders for Sheza. She takes the size Large foal blanket! I noticed today that she is a little butt high, having another growth spurt for sure. It was funny how friendly she became again once the rain subsided, the sun was out, things were a little calmer. She was spooky and would hardly be touched during the 3 day storm but was nearly back to normal tonight. She was still silly and spooky when I brought her mash in but I made her stand quietly and let me touch her all over when she came to eat. I don't appreciate the violent spooking around my person and I wasn't going to let her just do that and then get to eat with no issue. Little brat!

 I've been paying bills the last few days and the outflow of money is just crazy. Bills, bills, bills. 

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