Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

We got some very cold weather and a good amount of rain over the last few days, the horses finally got their blankets off and a little warmer weather yesterday but another big storm is rolling in tomorrow. Not a whole lot of horsey activities happening here for me this week, just cleaning here and there and socking the feed to them in the cold!

Hope everyone has a good holiday week and gets to spend some time with their friends, family, and horses! I am heading over to the coast mid-week to have Thanksgiving with my family, though unfortunately not all of them as my husband has to stay behind and mind all the critters here. My sister is pregnant and a week past her due date so we are all taking bets on whether the baby waits to make an appearance on Thanksgiving itself! Or a few days later, on our mom's birthday. Either way it should be an exciting Thanksgiving as the baby's arrival is imminent!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their critters!

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