Saturday, November 19, 2011

Man the rest of this week just flew by, after my ride on Desire on Tuesday it was just working on the property, cutting and collecting firewood around here, etc. We were supposed to get a big storm at the end of the week but it blew over us pretty quickly, we got some good winds yesterday and it rained last night but the sun is supposed to return, or partly, today. This week is 2 years since I broke my leg, amazing that time has gone that fast. I probably wouldn't remember the date that well except it happened on my step-dad's birthday so its a good reminder, lol.

I've been thinking I need to create an obstacle course for Sheza in the arena, or at least collect a whole bunch of scary stuff (tarps, bags, etc). She is SO spooky and looks askance at everything, the more exposure and things she gets used to the better, as with any horse. She is just particularly spooky and spazzy, I'm really hoping she grows out of some of it but I might as well give her the best possible chance at being a sane well rounded personality to go with those flashy looks! It doesn't help that she is colored just like the horse that wigged out and broke my leg, sometimes when she is being spooky and wild my heart and mind go back to that horse and it kind of screws with my head for a while. Anyway I'll be thinking on that and of course it probably won't happen til spring, at least any real set up, since my arena is completely open to the elements.

In non horsey news, my computer and keyboard and completely losing their minds and having endless errors and weird letter switching and crap. Its SO ANNOYING. I always use full computer/internet security and don't download anything weird but my computer is so buggy and screwed up. ARGH. I have less than zero patience for malfunctioning technology. Maybe there will be a new tower (since we have a nice flat computer screen we can keep) under the Christmas tree because I have about had it with this thing.

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