Monday, November 14, 2011

Trail Time!

Well I've got myself a nice last minute (my fault) plan to get together for a ride with a newish endurance buddy. I met her at the Patriot's Day at Lake Almanor ride this summer and it turns out she only lives about an hour away from me and often rides at the same spots I do. She is also the new owner of the nice green Equipedic pad I bought that was too long for Blaze. OH and speaking of green, tack, and exchanging, she has a brand new bright grass green endurance halter that would look snazzy on Sheza in the future. Its fun buying and selling and swapping between friends so we can all eventually get what we want and need, since I know I so rarely get it right the first time! Sad but true.

Anyhow I am packing up Desire, the western saddle, and the Easyboots and trailering out of here tomorrow morning for the first time in ummm 2 MONTHS! What the heck how did that time pass. Should be a great day, forecast of mostly sunny, high of 65 degrees. Can't wait :)

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