Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunny Day Turn-out & Sheza Blaznhaat Xpres 10 mo old

Disclaimer: Sheza will be 10 mo old exactly next week, on Valentine's Day, but as I'll probably be on a date with the husband, here are some photos early   :-)

The herd spent the rainy day yesterday in the barn, so this morning was full of excitement as it was not only turn-out time but I also switched them back to the west side of the property next to the wash stalls so it would be easier to pull them all for the trimmer tomorrow morning. Anytime the horses switch from one side of the property to the other there is lot's of running and rolling and investigating, so it was picture time! Finally the rain has brought that green glow back to the earth which always makes for nice photos (okay except the first one).

 Miss D looking pretty trim and muscular!

 Sheza show-off time! See that tail curl?!

 Running at me to investigate--quick snap a photo!

 A rare moment of holding still

 Momma and daughter

 Me so spunky, watch me go!


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  1. Very cute. I loved watching Rose's colt behave in so many way similar to his momma and even now, when he hasn't seen her in months, it's like looking at a mini Rose.