Friday, April 27, 2012

Arena Reclamation

I lay in bed convinced I was dying for most of yesterday. A cold, splitting sinus/migraine headache, and 3 or 4 trips to the bathroom to vomit meant I didn't emerge from the cabin/bedroom until literally 6 pm. Being sick is very boring, so I decided to only indulge in one day of it.

Today I still had a pretty strong cold but the rain was gone and there were things to be done. This morning I spent the usual hundreds at the feed store (GULP) and stacked hay etc when I got home. Then it was time to learn to use the rototiller! I've probably done it once or twice in my life but clearly it was time for a refresher since there was a big grassy space that was once our arena and a rototiller sitting idly by...add me into the equation and we've got the potential for progress! 

Very boring, very slow, very hard on the hands, which were barely big enough to wrap all the way around the handle/throttle. But--mission accomplished!

Gate corner Before...

Gate corner After...

and a larger view..

Wahoo! I rock. We really need to buy a rototiller one of these days...just one more thing on a long list! Still, great to have my arena back! Some really nice footing under that compacted top.


  1. I had one of those horrid sinus migraines yesterday too! I'm curious if you notice any relation to the barometric pressure dropping when you get one?
    You arena looks awesome! I'm very jealous, as our is in puddles still:)

  2. Thanks! It was way overdue for some TLC.

    My headaches are almost always directly linked to dehydration, however in this case I had a bad head cold &sinus pressure+insane amounts of pollen at our place, so that was probably the main factor. BUT I definitely notice barometric pressure affecting me, not always in head ache form but a "weird feel to the air" is generally how I first notice it..