Saturday, April 28, 2012

Private Trails on a Sunny Saturday!

Actually just the public ones at Lake Oroville, but for whatever reason we were the only 2 rigs there this morning and there was only 1 more when we got back. Absolutely unheard of for a beautifully sunny Saturday in spring. The only thing I can conclude is that all the horse shows/festivals/events happening locally tomorrow kept people home prepping today, but REALLY. It was awesome for us, but kinda bizarre. I do my best to avoid the lake trails on the weekend as it's a true zoo but hadn't seen this (hard working) buddy in a while and weekends are the best time for her, so we decided to meet at 8:30 and hopefully skirt the crowd. 'Course since the crowd never appeared, we just had ourselves a beautiful private morning ride!

We, us, them, I suppose they deserve an introduction, as much as initials and vague details are an introduction. Meet D and her daughter T and their mounts Bob (D up) and Emmy (T up, bareback):

I've known them for a few years now but they used to live up the hill in Paradise and we didn't often see each other, and in fact probably hadn't crossed paths in reality for about a year now. We got back in touch via good ole Facebook the other day and scheduled this ride.

 Last time I saw little T she wasn't too keen on the whole horse situation, she would participate some but wasn't horse-crazy like her mom had been hoping. What a difference a  year makes! As I mentioned T was riding Emmy in just a bareback pad today, and has become a real little cowgirl. Emmy is a really smooth nice horse but has a bit of a mare opinion at times, but T did really well with her and we walked, trotted, and cantered on the "private" trails. At a snack break we were all dismounted relaxing and D said, "Hey T, show her your trick."  I had no idea what to expect as T put her hand low, Emmy dropped her head to her hand, T grabbed Emmy's neck just behind her head in a bear hug and Emmy *tossed* T up over her neck and onto her back. Then T turned around to face the right way, Ta Da! It was a *slick* trick and I so wasn't expecting it.

The connector of the loop was underwater and T was dead set on getting in there, so in she went! D joined her but Blaze was content to graze on the shore and play photographer's mount.

Gotta love kids:


Gotta dump those boots after a good swim:

Lots of flowers today:

"Hey Mom, let's canter to dry off!"  and I quote :-)

It was a great mellow 6.5 miles in a couple of hours, totally enjoyable. During a particularly exuberant canter up a hill the gaiter ripped off of Blaze's Epic as it's been threatening to (I bought the pair well used) but I took the screws out and can easily put a new gaiter on. His heels have dropped so much he may be able to go in Gloves soon!

Congrats to Irish Horse and Major at Trails and Trials for completing their first AERC LD today at the American River Classic, and congrats to my Cuyama XP buddy A and her non-stop awesome stallion for finishing another 50 at ARC, this time in the tough Pioneer division! Keep it rocking in the free world ladies, what a beautiful weekend for all sorts of riding!


  1. Wow that little girl can ride!! Looks fun, well, except the bareback part:)

  2. awwww, thanks! 8-) I wish I'd been that little girl, cantering around bareback, that is awesome. It is fun to go on lots of different rides with different friends, everything is a new adventure.