Sunday, April 29, 2012

Evening Cruise

No horses cruised this evening, but we loaded up the four dogs into the Polaris and drove up the hill to the ridge for the sunset. It's a really fun little stretch of road to ride on as well as drive, in fact I think I'll take Desire up there for tomorrow's sunset. 

You can see the two big dogs lurking in the back, look for the glowing eyes..

 Wilbur wiener has the need, the need for speed! He ran and ran and ran and ran up the hill until his little stumpy legs couldn't run anymore, and then joined my husband in the driver's seat:

Beavis and Butthead  Tady and JJ. These are two very happy, dorky dogs. J has had them since before I met him and they are reflections of what an engaged, adventurous, happy dog owner/trainer he is:

JJ is part Catahoula and has the spotted tongue and bizarre yodel:

The road winds away back down the hill in the distance..what a great place we live in for riding and fishing and all our adventures! I just love it.

Crazy-eyes-thumbs-up pictures are kind of a family tradition. No, seriously. In keeping, (and conclusion) I'll share this: