Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hoof Care Day May 2012

Everyone was due for some hoof work today, right at 4 weeks, so the trimmer/Easyboot dealer, D, came out and went to work.

Desire's hooves look better from the bruises from Whiskeytown and the slight separation from letting her go just 5 weeks instead of 4 a few trims ago. Won't do that again!

I am going to take Desire down to D's house the Wednesday before Hat Creek Hustlefor a trim and to get boots glued on. It's in exactly a month so she'll be due for a trim again. I'm going to practice the taping thing but Desire is a .5 Glove right now with a fresh trim and a kinda/sorta 1 with power straps a few weeks after a trim.. The tape will help, but I'm thinking(hoping) the Glue-ons will be my best bet for back to back 50s. Only time will tell but it's the plan for now.

Right front un-trimmed, left front trimmed..

Close up of trimmed left front..

Sheza stood pretty well for her trim after some initial squirrelly moments. I find scratching her favorite spots while D works keeps her pretty darn still!

Not so little anymore..

Look at that angular grown up head!

 Blaze was his usual tolerantly grumpy self and I combed and de-tangled Joey's epic mane while D worked on Blaze.

 Blaze's heels have come down so nicely that he now fits into Desire's size 1 Easysboot Gloves with power straps. I got a couple of used Epics from N too that might fit him, I'll have to try. I just might be sponsoring a junior on Blaze for the November Lake Sonoma 25 miler, if she shows she really wants to learn and train for it. Blaze is still on 20-30 miles a week right now so can easily do an LD, and I'd love to see him take a kid through it and maybe get her hooked. The little girl is my friend D's daughter, K, she of the bareback ride at Lake Oroville, swimming her mare, and teaching her tricks. She is a good little rider and might just love endurance. We'll see if it pans out!

D got some rasping done of Joey's front heels, much needed as they were too steep. He was doing okay and had his hoof on the hoof stand a few times for rasping but then had a spazzy moment and got pretty dramatic, ended up outside the cross tie stall looking in. Sooo D picked up a hoof again just to make sure he would and I put him back around the right way in the stall but he was done for hooves for the day.

After she left the boys both ate their dewormer like gentleman and got turned out for rotations grazing the strip in front of their paddocks. It was SO funny when it was Joey's turn and I left his gate open. He walked to the open gate, looked around, stuck his nose out the gate and then jumped backwards into his pen. Then slowly half stepped through the opening, and then squirted through and trotted around the strip all proud of himself.

Pretty boy..

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