Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Pulled the 4 Glue-ons off. It wasn't as bad as everyone had led me to believe, I just stuck a flat head screwdriver in the heel of the boot where it was already separating and from there tapped it with a mallet, wedging it down around the boot to free the boot from the hoof. Desire was great with the fronts, kept lifting the backs in an irritating fashion, but after the first boot I got to where I could work the screwdriver around the whole boot once and pry it off successfully on the first try.

She came right to the gate and nickered at me today, ready to be haltered. I was expecting her to tell me to go fly a kite like she did after the Cache Creek 50. I think that says something for how well she did eating and drinking and electrolyting, she didn't lose much weight at all and wasn't feeling tired or cranky-- and was happier to see me after 90 miles than after that 50!

The left front boot, freed from the hoof and ready to pry off:

Left front hoof with coating of Goober Glue:

Left front after Goober Glue peeled off...VERY stinky and soft and some of the sole peeled off with the Glue..she isn't actually missing a chunk from the toe, that's just excess glue that makes it look that way..

I only took photos of the left front as that was the one I was obsessed with, but all 4 looked pretty much the same, though I do think the left front was the stinkiest and softest.

I sprayed all 4 feet liberally with Veteriycyn and then....


I took a few tentative jog steps on the soft dirt heading back to her paddock and she jumped right into a solid trot. I couldn't believe my eyes and did it again, then had her trot around me in each direction and she was sound.

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.


  1. yeah for soundness! Maybe some pressure point? Who cares if she is better. And still likes you, that's pretty great too.

    1. I just read all your ride posts, great pictures and write up, that sounds like a really nice ride.

      I'm glad to hear Desire is sound. Crossing fingers for you that it was just a fluke!

  2. Can we put honey on your butt also? I mean, we don't know each other very well yet, but endurance folks is friendly folks...right?

    Glad she's sound. That's the important thing.

  3. I am glad to hear that she seems to be doing o.k. I felt really bad for both of you after reading your last post :(

    It sounds like things are looking up though, .... and that's beautiful landscaping your man did is icing on the cake. How nice! I agree, he should probably stay home more often ;-)

    I think Desire's attitude afterwards says a lot....that you took good care of her, and the next time perhaps you will finish those hundred miles with flying colors :-D

    1. Thanks!

      I really was glad she was happy to see me. It really was the moment that I gave myself a little pat on the back for the weekend despite the ending.

      She is a tough mare to go through these issues at coming 16 yrs old and still just be perky and ready to go!