Saturday, August 25, 2012

900 Miles and a Hill

As of today I am at 900.5 miles (including training and endurance rides, mind you)-- ridden since the 2012 AERC ride season season started December 1st, 2011. I've been participating in the Big Bad Blogger's Distance Race, and by entering my rides on that blog each time, I've been able to track my cumulative miles ridden on Desire, Blaze, and Chief. Not many of the original entries in the Blog Race have stuck with adding their miles in, but as with my feelings in endurance, my competition is myself and I am proud to have ridden farther and longer on more horses than I ever have before. By the way, 500 of those miles were conditioning miles on Desire! She's a tough old bird ;-)

Here's my mileage page, if anyone is curious and doesn't want to scroll through:

As for the hill, C and Sonny met Desire and I at the nearby Wildlife Area and tackled the big hill. Both horses did really well and there was a pleasant breeze to take the edge off of the heat. 

C and Sonny at the lovely natural water crossing

Off to the County Fair this evening..carnie games and fried dough and all that! Last year I had a cool glittery green t-shirt with "Blaze 21" and a horse shoe on the back made at one of those air brushing shirt booths...I might have to get a cool glittery blue/wine shirt with "Desire" on it this time...


  1. Remember - it's not just about the miles - it's the Ride! :-)

    1. Actually I was just having this discussion with two of my riding buddies, including C pictured above. For me, I ride because I love to ride, I need to ride. Getting to actual endurance rides is a perk, and racking up miles is exciting and inspiring, as is tracking my progress and sharing what I learn. But the bottom line is riding, wherever, whenever, on any horse I can get my hands on! As my tattoo says: "No hour or life is wasted that is spent in the saddle"