Friday, August 24, 2012

Miles (and water) for Joey

I ponied Joey down to the creek crossing by the Wildlife Area this morning. It was about 7 miles round trip and Joey was tired by the end of it! Probably mentally as well physically. He was a very good boy but there was *so much to see* plus when in his life has Joey ever gone 7 miles? Blaze was a very tolerant pony master (kitted out in size 2 Renegades in the front), though was spookier than normal which is just typical--when you want them to be their calmest they act silly. I got a little worried after a giant road-filling dump truck came roaring at us on a narrower stretch of road that hasn't hosted a car in the last half dozen times I've ridden it, but fortunately after that it was all pretty mellow.

Blaze and Joey meet the Donkey

Rocking the pink and hearts

 So much to look at and listen to

Green grass by the creek, yes please!

Joey's first water time, let's see what he does..

..not much! He marched right in and started drinking. Good boy, Joey.

Let's go deeper!

 This is fun!

 On the ride home Blaze had his Barn Walk on, about twice the speed of his Leaving Barn Walk, and Joey was getting tired. I hate to ever slow Blaze at a brisk walk as it so rarely happens, but Joey would only walk so fast and my arm only stretched so far. Still, we managed, and here is a plum tuckered Joey and a itchy as usual Blaze:
Ponying makes riding alone much more interesting and Joey is proving himself to be quite a sensible boy!

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  1. I love the last photo! Poor Joey is thinking "what the hell just happened!" this is such great experience for him, though I know your arm is going to be a few inches longer!