Wednesday, January 2, 2013

with a Dash of Adventure

 Sometimes I just want to jump on a horse and go for a cruise without the full on fuss of tacking up. 2 Renegades on Blaze's front hooves, a bridle, and helmet on my melon--and I was ready! Oh yeah and a crop, coz I don't stand for bologna when I ride bareback ;-)
We had a nice few mile bareback cruise through the neighborhood as the sun set. It was CHILLY but I was pretty warm in my fleecy britches and boots and polar fleece layers on top. And riding bareback, Blaze'z back kept me very warm too! I did some posting trot uphill, wowie zowie that will rock your thighmasters!

Staring down a terrifying singular cow. I have done team sorting on this guy, but for some reason cows in the field FREAK him out. Also baby goats. And llamas. 
Coming back to the home barn in the sunset
There is no rain in the forecast, and as unhelpful as that is for snow pack, future water levels, etc, it is quite glorious for riding. Time to get Sheza out on the lake trails and work on Joey's trailering so he is ready for his trip to training in the coming months. It's a New Year and there is always lots to be done! And lots to look forward to, including another exciting road trip, some XP rides, and who knows what other exciting developments yet to be revealed! Stay tuned ;-)

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