Monday, September 23, 2013

Ride Prep and a Neighborhood Tour

Autumn has officially arrived and the weather has embraced the new season seemingly without hesitation. After a Saturday storm dropped a couple of inches of rain on us, we are now enjoying mornings in the high 40s, glorious sunlight sparkling on a world washed clean, and that stirring fall breeze that whispers of apples and wood stoves and christmas lights twinkling somewhere far down the horizon. If you can't tell, Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, especially to  be on horseback! 

After being out of town last weekend, we had family visiting here over this weekend and are now due to leave this Friday for Chamberlain Creek 50! Today was crunch time on getting Scrappy out for a few miles, making sure he was moving and feeling good, tack and boots were working well, and his hooves were just how I wanted them. Scrappy has been here for 2 1/2 months now and I still hadn't ridden him out from home, so on went the gear and out the front gate we went!

D'aww he is just so cute you'll forgive the lollipop head photo angle, right!
 Scrappy's inaugural Holy Shit neighborhood moment
 To be followed by the Donkey of Doom..cue Jaws music..DunahDUNAHDUNAH!!
 Donkeys of Doom are really great for getting a pretty pose out of your horse, just sayin
 That knowing Donkey look that says, "I just scared your horse. AGAIN." 
 Perhaps part of the terrifying aura the Donkey projects is that it has a creepy Ram boyfriend. Maybe Scrappy detects the faint Banjo music in the distance..
 Scrappy would like to submit to the County that their pavement is Highly Suspicious and Multi Colored, Not To Be Trusted
Time to cross the dam for some more mind boggling and then water and snacks! 
 "hmph, if you say so.."
 Dam survived, now a wade in the stream and a bite of apple
 HAPPY EARS heading up the hill for home! 
 Blaze and Desire say, "wow, you survived The Donkey?!"
 Scrappy didn't miss the turn into the driveway, and suspiciously cruised through the auto gate :-)
 "I know man, I know. I've had to go past the Donkey too."
We had a great ride through the 'hood, I'm proud of my bold, clever Scrappy boy as usual, and quite happy with how he and his feet are looking going into Chamberlain. Neither of us have done a 50 since last year, with different partners, but I think we are pretty prepared and will give it our best go! I can't wait to be back out enjoying the trail all day again, and on my favorite home ride too. Hope to see you local readers at Chamberlain Creek this weekend, and  non-locals, tune in Monday for the Ride Story. Happy Trails!

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