Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sheza Big Girl Now

Sheza had a hoof trim and photo shoot this morning, and she was quite exemplary for the hoof trim, while slightly less cooperative for said photo shoot. Minimal spazzing in the hoof trim portion of the programming, though I do notice she stands like a rock for her left side to be trimmed and is much more shuffley while working on the right side hooves. Probably I handle her more on that left side? Anyway, she definitely seemed to fill the cross tie stall more than usual this morning and sure enough the height tape read just a smidge under 14.3 at the wither. She had hung at 14.2 for the summer but I had noticed her looking butt high lately. All 4 hooves were shedding epic sole as the others have been and looked much better after some thorough attention. 

Interesting side note, today was the first time ever that when Sheza did her baby mouth greeting to Desire over the fence Desire pinned her ears, squealed, and stomped as if to another mare, instead of greeting her baby as a momma like she used to. Looks like babycakes Sheza is considered competition now! 

And then--the photo shoot!

"Pose? Where's the camera? I have a giraffe back in my ancestry somewhere."
 "What's pressure? Why are you making clicking noises? I'm a stationary object and don't reply to such nonsense."
"I don't want to kiss you, and that giraffe was my grandmother"
 "I'm standing almost normally, I do what I want with my ears. You can't have it all lady."
Look, something odd, TaDAH, I'm pretty!"
 Then we sweetly wandered off in opposite directions to practice our trot out..
 Not much of a photo but I like that big stride she's showing!
 Stepping on out! My big girl is so grown up
 We are a good pair because we match and we get distracted and stare at stuff together
 Aww soft baby eye :-)
 I like trotting, let's go do more of THAT! 


  1. She's going to be such a looker out there on the trail AND your hair matches hers in color!