Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn Arabians

Scrappy looks for more Asian Pears, but I shook the last one down for him today
 Arabian tails!
 Scrappy has built some muscle 
 Just in case you hadn't seen my 8 yr old next to my 2 1/2 yr old recently...Ermmm...starting to braid my future rope mounting ladder now. I'll clamber up there somehow ;-)
Not only Arabians have fun! Dashing mini Dachshunds 


  1. Rose discovered a pear tree recently and I now have a new treat to feed to my horse. Funny how much they love those things.

    I LOVE your wild weenies pictures. I keep trying to petition my boyfriend that we need a weenie or two but so far no luck. I grew up with them and totally love their little crazy ways.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Such a beautiful farm home you have.