Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Non-Arab Hot Rod

This past Saturday I met buddy J and her steeds in Wheatland and we parked out at by the Camp Far West ride site to cruise the trails out there. These are some of the trails also to be used on Gold Rush Shuffle at the end of this month. It's the perfect time of year to be out there and it was a blast to get to ride J's Mustang mare, Sedona. I have owned and ridden one Mustang in my time and it wasn't anything like Sedona. Actually, for that matter, J owned the same other Mustang after me and can vouch for his lazy, herd-bound disinterest in human cooperation. Of course that's one individual and doesn't reflect the breed, but that was my previous experience so it was great to get to ride a *fun* Mustang! 

J rode Chief, her cute Half Arab Pinto that I conditioned up for her over last summer. Her boyfriend has taken him over and done a few more LDs on him since his first last fall, and they are a great pair. He was too busy to ride though and J and I have more than an hour's haul between us so we finally got wise to just drive to each other's town and share each other's 2 endurance horses that need to get ridden anyway.

Great footing, fun spaces to zoom around, natural water, perfect temperatures, a fun horse. What more do you need?
Sedona looks like she wants to give me some other finger ;-)
Glad I wore orange, there were lots of hunters parked at the trail head and on the way in but we didn't see anyone but a few hikers out on the trails.

The horses did really zooming around for about 10 miles in their heavy coats. I haven't ridden a non Arabian in a while and Sedona is a really fun ride. She is small, handy, FAST and sure footed; she reminded me a lot of riding the Connemara ponies in Ireland, actually. Next up we see how J feels about Blaze's wonderfully bouncy trot!

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