Monday, November 25, 2013

November, Briefly

We got a couple of inches of rain early last week, and overnight horses and property were transformed from endlessly dusty to mucky, sloppy, winter. I didn't believe the rain's enthusiasm and ended up soaked through a couple of times, wearing inadequate outdoor gear at feeding time. Desire either rolled or lay down in the rain one night and she and her faithful Schneider's blanket were soggy, bedraggled messes come mornin, with more rain forecast. Fortunately N's TacknShare had loaned me a really handsome purple turnout that fit really well and kept her snug and dry until the storm passed. 

Scrapper in his new blanket after 3 days of storm--great blanket!
Sheza is growing, growing, growing. She channeled her psychotic winter alter ego for the storm, going quivery and snorty and bucky for the duration of the rain, but at least deigning to pause in her spazzing to greet me at meals. She didn't try to involve me in her slip slidey shenanigans either, which is an improvement. Last fall and winter she was pretty well a wackadoo for any and all storms, and not very polite to handle. I guess what I'm saying is that I see maturity and growth in her style of spazzing this time around...
There was a lot of this going on during the rain, and the few days of screaming cold winds afterward. 
The rain cleared, the wind died, and it is glorious again. Highs in the 60s, lows in the 30s, perfect riding weather and yet I am off for a week of non riding. My glorious Gold Rush Shuffle plans didn't make the Thanksgiving tradition cut, but I wish all my friends going the very best of luck, and my ride manager friends great luck on this first time ride, as well. For me, it's hooves, hay, house cleaning, and off to the coast for familial birthday and Thanksgiving festivities come Wednesday. I've got a bridle customization and 2013 season wrap-up post yet to share, if any of you other folks end up nearer a computer than a horse this holiday week.
 Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!


  1. I'm gonna miss you! But have a great time with your family and enjoy your favorite traditional activities. (Are you an MST3K fan? They're doing a webcast of Turkey Day this year!!!)

  2. Sheeza is so huge! Wow! How do you like that blanket fit? I've been having a hard time fitting Major, who measures 72 in length but is very narrow, especially through the shoulders. I was looking at the sstack ones, some seem to have a shoulder adjustment.

    And I think we're going to get a few more weeks of nice weather before the mud sets in. Enjoy it while you can! Happy thanksgiving.

    1. I love the blanket fit, I think this one fits a little snugger/nicer at the shoulder for Scrappy than the ones I bought in the past that were cut a little lower and would sometimes get a little rain in. I LOVE SStack blankets, they last for years and I just respray them with waterproof every fall

  3. Your filly is looking really nice! I like her conformation.

  4. Bahahah I love your note about her mature spazzing. LOL