Tuesday, December 3, 2013


So good to be home, the days are so short, ahh, sunrise

Some chores taken care of. A much needed trim on all 4 Rushcreek hooves, 
4 boots and a saddle, then AWAY, out the gate on my Scrappy boy
He was feisty, we rode up the big hill slowly, then had lots of circles and discussions 
over not jigging for home. A penitent Scrappy put himself politely in his cross tie stall at home.

To town, errands..

and a fitting sunset


  1. I see you still playing around with your sidepull setup. The lady I bought mine from doesn't seem to be around anymore (crazyropes.com) but here's a few that are similar. I like it's just the noseband, so you can put them on a bridle of your choice. The other thing I really love about mine is the curb strap is separate, so you can use a leather or chain western type curb strap to suite what works best.

    Mine is like this, with knots to hold the bridle:


    I have this one in a gold color for parades, I don't like the adjustment on the curb strap that much, but the quality is nice:

    Just to consider...

  2. Scappy sounds just like Major right now! But looks much more contrite, sometimes the crap they pull just cracks me up.