Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Coastal Redwoods Ride

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends. I'm just back this morning from celebrating said Turkey day and my mom's 60th birthday out on the Mendocino coast. The weather was divine and not only did I get to see family near and far, but I had time to slip out for a gorgeous ride in the redwoods with a dear friend, R. I rode Zydeco, owned by another friend, M. Zydeco is an adorable little Arabian gelding I've known since my trail guiding days at Ricochet Ridge Ranch, but I had never actually ridden him. He was polite on a loose reined walk and then totally fun and ZOOMY where the footing was good. Autumn rides in good weather on great horses with dear friends are the best! 

Little Z
heading out
R's young Border collie cross, a very smart & happy dog

So many memories out riding with this gal, gesticulating as we go down the trail :-)

Time to go ZOOM
After a long fun uphill canter, summit and regal pampas
We definitely did some climbing because suddenly we had THE view!
We did some trail exploring out behind R's house and found a new loop that connects to the trails she already knew. I have some decent riding out my front gate but she's really got me beat with these fabulous wooded trails! Here's little Z cautiously descending a narrow, dark trail, he was peeking around this corner as we went:
Found our way to familiar ground, a little tree souvenir for Z
One last ZOOM!
Me and Z 
Back to the barn
I had a great ride and a nice time out on the coast but am glad to be home and can't wait to get out and ride my own steeds. Happy December!


  1. Z is adorably cute, and what gorgeous weather you had! Looks like a great time. Now back home in time for some truly cold nights coming, but the days are still gorgeous for now!

  2. How beautiful! I love the name Zydeco for a horse, too!

  3. Beautiful riding! Glad you got some saddle time :)