Monday, February 17, 2014

The Moments We Choose

There were many minutes, hours, days, lord were they long days, in the last week. Things seemed to be going wrong for everyone, everywhere, and then just for fun my husband and I were rear ended in a 3 car incident near the end of the week. We were both sore but okay, and as ever my mind calculated all the ways it could have gone worse, and how in fact, we were quite Lucky. 

Because we are, really, lucky and blessed. But so much is coming at us, each and every one of us, every single day, that it's not easy to remember just how Lucky we really are. I was seriously mired in negative moments in places in the last week, but also was so blessed with many other lovely ones, which are much more worthy of sharing:

A great solo ride with my Scrappy buddy
Gorgeous sunsets in honor of those beloved
Goofy geldings freshly awake from the barn, staring at Wild Canadian Geese playing raucously in our newly overflowing pond after 10+ inches of rain
Beloved dogs always adventuring and doing silly and/or naughty things
More of the same--Kodiak camo pup!
 My gorgeous ever growing filly
A great ride with Mel, Farley, and Scrappy 
 My ridiculous horse who comes to dubious attention with a mouthful of food when I say "HEY SCRAPPY POSE!!" 


  1. Getting off to a good start this week! :D

  2. Great pictures! Glad to hear that you and your husband are OK.

  3. So glad that you were both okay. Beautiful sunset pictures, and yes, so much to be grateful for! :)

  4. Scrappy horse: expert poser in all situations.