Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Rushcreek Sunday

Rushcreek Tracer (Scrappy) and Rushcreek Aurora (Rory) have the same grandsire and beyond that, for pedigree analysis, here, fend for yourselves:

Scrappy was born and raised at the Rushcreek ranch in Nebraska, while Aurora was bred by and at Rushcreek, but born off it at another ranch in Nebraska after pregnant broodmares were bought in the dispersal sale. Her first 9 months were spent with a couple of Rushcreek siblings in a paddock in a Nebraska summer and winter, then 5 weeks ago she stepped off the bus to sunny, green California:
 She's had a lot of groceries and ripping around her gradually sloping paddock since, and I think it shows in this photo from this evening:
 They certainly are of disparate ages and childhoods, but of very similar ilk. There is a calm, self possessed bravery in both of them that is both undeniable and a pleasure to be around. They are curious, willing, interested, and sensible, but just quirky enough to never be boring. I better move on before I start composing a sonnet..

So before Rory got to shove her adorable nose in that bowl of noms--which, by the way, she is now a major convert of--I trimmed up Scrappy's hooves this morning and tried the borrowed Sensation treeless saddles on him.

Scrappy, willing but dubious, when told to "STAY!" and model the Sensation English saddle
Both saddles seem like good fits and are deemed acceptable to try on longer trail rides. Scrappy's saddle rubs have healed and regrown hair wonderfully and I'd say he's now ready for those saddle test rides! Ahh, can't wait to hit the trail, and also can't remember the last time I was doing that and *not* testing some new piece of gear, whether large or small.

looking pretty for his mash <3    he has shed out SO fleabitten this year! 

After my Scrappy session I had a lunch and movie matinee with a friend then scooted back home to spend the evening with Rushcreek Aurora. I caught her up in all of 60 seconds this time around and she marched eagerly out the gate at my side to do some more exploring around the property. You may notice she is wearing a different halter today, she has officially outgrown the foal halter she came in. :)
Auroras hanging out

 good filly having her hooves handled & cleaned

And what better way to end a lovely Sunday than with those promised Noms. From scorning mash to licking her bowl clean in 5 weeks. Clever filly <3

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