Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Trails, Rambo!!

He came home scrappy looking and limping in January and leaves us fat, glossy, and in leg swinging style on this appallingly hot June Sunday. I am so grateful to Back in the Saddle Project for connecting us with a great, experienced, multi-generational horse home just a few hours away. Rambo clearly vibed well with J and her kids and I look forward to hearing updates from them on Facebook in the future!

Rambo saying hey to Rory this morning, he had a grooming & last walk & mash

Leaving with his happy new owners this afternoon! :-)

 Scrappy was left alone on that side of the property with Rambo gone so I moved mini horse Napoleon in with him. Scrappy was confuddled by this tiny spotty thing that zoomed around hollering for "his" mare he had left across the property. Picture a pissed off mini galloping around hollering, being followed slowly by a puzzled Rushcreek--and you might get a fraction the laugh that I got watching it happen!

Happy pasture/trails to our dear Rambo boy!!

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