Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Horses

First of all, officially summer or not, it's been *hot.* Weather woes are all relative to your locale and personal preferences, but as a redhead raised on both coasts I think I can safely claim 100+ degrees for the last 5 days adequately hot! These are the days where all outdoor work is done very early, or very late, and in those hot afternoon hours there is nothing to do but take advantage of California's generous geography--not 50 miles away it was 25 degrees cooler and totally gorgeous:

Meanwhile, back in the foothills, Rushcreek Aurora (Rory) has been blooming in the hot weather. Her new favorite activity is lying down in her hay pile and eating, but she is also game for mad evening gallops, whether anyone joins her or not.
foal hops
Why aren't you running and galloping too, this is FUN!
In saddle news, Scrap has done about 40 extra sweaty miles in the last week, in the used treeless Sensation English trail saddle that I was trying out. His back has been very happy and I've been enjoying it though am definitely adjusting my riding a bit--and I've decided to buy it.  I sent in pictures and fit info about Scrappy to the Skito saddle pad people to have them set up and send me the appropriate Skito pad; I've been assured by treeless endurance riders that this is the best way to get the right pad for your saddle and who am I to argue, as a first time treeless saddle owner. I'll keep you posted on how that all goes, of course! 

Some photos from yesterday's slightly less hot but still appropriately sweaty 16 miles. Scrappy was working his dog done tired angle after it, he is so funny. If I hadn't done the rides on him I'd never believe he could have gone on and finished a 30 or 50 easily right then. I think I'm discovering that he even counts me dismounting and walking on foot for a mile or two as someone else doing the leading, and he appreciates the mental break. I've had him for almost a year now and it's been entirely about figuring him and us out, with various small frustrations, but what a good time it's been.

Rushcreek love <3
noble boy in his "new" Sensation English Trail treeless saddle
shady trails are the best
Will ground tie for water..
 Scrappy loading himself :-)
Plenty more horsey hijinxs to get up to in the next week with cooler weather forecast, the state Horse Expo going on this weekend, and some Scrappy hair salon time on the docket. Stay tuned and stay cool!

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  1. Ooh. So excited you found a saddle that seems to be working. I can't wait to hear more about it. Please keep the details rolling in!