Friday, August 15, 2014

Sheza Next Generation

As I mentioned in my last post, in the blink of an eye time can skitter away from you. Checking back through my calendar, Sheza hadn't been worked or ridden in 5 weeks when I pulled her out yesterday morning, which just makes her eager and willing participation and lack of shite behavior that much more glorious, I must say.

hard to take a bad photo of this diva! 
I thought I'd seen her squatting in Scrappy's general direction out in pasture and sure enough after haltering I noticed right away that Sheza was in ridiculous heat; as I walked behind her in the cross ties running  my hands over her rump as I do, she went weak in the knees and slid her rump into me.  Snickerrrr, but no filly, we don't swing our rumps at the human, no matter the reason. Aside from a few reminders about that, that was our only issue. Sheza's momma Desire was always sweeter when she was in heat and it seems that Sheza is falling more into that category so far.
On our way through her pasture en route to the round pen to blow off some steam, we stopped in to say hello to little step sister yearling Rushcreek Aurora. Despite being fresh out of the pasture after 5 weeks Sheza was quite polite and interested and sniffed totally innocently at Rory....
 ...and that was Rory's reply!
Sniff met immediate squeal-spin-air-kick and run away. Sheza, for her part, looked *shocked* and immediately started shaking her head, MY EAR, IT'S MY RIGHT EAR, her go-to move for confusion/spicy/spazzy moments. Rory seemed quite pleased with herself and trolled the pasture like a little shark after the fact. Hmm, about time she met Napoleon my mini horse, filly attitude adjuster extraordinaire. Rory had learned some boundaries living with Desire last month but the mare was eating all the groceries for two so she's currently off the mentor list. Some independent solo time was good for Rory but looks like she's ready for some more herd learning interaction again, and by that I mean living with a 30" tyrant with spacial issues.

I feel like this could be us coming in off the trail into a vet check sometime in the future...  :-)
 Sheza had her traditional 15-20 minutes of trotting/cantering/bucking/direction changes in the round pen, then when she looked like something I wanted to ride, off we went!
our faces say it all I think :)
 I'm sure it's obvious but I just love this filly! She has come such a long long way from the tiny thing my husband and I helped bring into the world 3 years ago, or even the wild brat she was at Rory's age when I was contemplating selling her to gypsies*. My trainer April Moore did such a wonderful job with  Sheza this spring and I truly can't wait for all our adventures coming in the next few years--as well as all the fun shaping Rory into a fine young beastie!

*when I was a kid my mom used to non-seriously threaten us with being sold to the gypsies and it's stuck as my threat for my fillies 

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