Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Apache Joins the Crew--and other Excitement

A few weeks back I shared that a Little Bay Gelding was headed our way for life camp.  I had hired a shipper and thought that I had the new guy Apache scheduled for the Oregon to CA transit, however the shipper played games with the date. With ever-narrowing eyes and a bit of redhead steam boiling out of my ears I decided right then and there that I didn't want to use the guy--and just as quickly found a great deal on the perfect size horse trailer I've been looking for, not far from Apache. After 6+ years in my faithful 80's 2 horse straight Miley (and 6+horses in the field), it was time to stretch into a bigger space, so the dogs and husband and I jumped into old Orange and made a 24 hour round trip jaunt north and back. There were a few small kerfluffles along the way but the important part, the horse meeting and loading and safely arriving part, all went wonderfully. And the "new" 90s Morgan built gooseneck hauls like a dream!

Late one night in Oregon, a Facebook friend entrusted a darling little bay to me. Say what you(and I) will about FB, cool connections are made! 
10 hrs later, big orange brings home a two-fer of fun! 
no more tent, no more tent, no more tent!!!
Welcome back to CA, Apache
 bleary human..interested ponies
Of course it's WAY too early to know much of anything about who Apache is but having done it a few times now, I find that a long journey in a strange trailer and the reaction of my herd is pretty telling. From what I've seen now, Apache has a great head on his shoulders, is a people lover, and has some ego! Blaze took one whiff and told me, then Apache got to check out his new quarters and told us himself. 

Haiii mare! Check me out
 Blaze says MY MARE
 First mash at home, Apache approves
 lovely spring evening. Mini horse says whaaat
 Apache watching Mare Tv
 Oh haiii!
He came trotting right up when he heard/saw me this evening

Can't wait to get to know this little guy better and see what the future holds!


  1. Ha,ha have the addiction so bad! ;-)

  2. Congratulation on the new additions! Apache is a cutie!

  3. What a cutie! And congrats on no more tenting!

  4. oh, Apache is adorable. And awesome new trailer. Congrats on your two new projects!

  5. Haii Mare made me giggle - boys are such show offs. :-)