Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday, Anniversaries, Vets, Oh My

On April 14th Sheza turned 4!

Also, somewhere along the line, Rory got large. She's been here a year this Thursday. 

Rory fresh off the bus, April 23rd, 2014
this week
the You Shall Not Pass (until I say so..and do it politely) game
 the girls! and a noodly dog
 Apache has been here 5 weeks now. He's shed out and gained some weight and muscle and is now out on a bigger hilly pasture. This week he had an afternoon dental and was already trotting the fence line showing off early the next morning. After a chiropractic check/adjustment he'll be entering the work force here! Can't wait.
open wide for doc

showing his mini buddy Napoleon how to strut
 enjoying the bigger digs
getting bootylicious
Blaze also had a dental and he and the rest of the herd had their spring shots too. I lost my long time local vet last fall and after a good experience with Scrappy's diagnosis recently, this was my time using Loomis Basin Equine as a call out. Everything went smoothly and the ponies behaved themselves well. It feels great to have a working relationship with vets that can come to me, again.

Blazey dental
thanks ma, my toofs needed that 
 Meanwhile I've been adventuring about trimming hooves and fitting Renegade boots with my trusty assistants. Can you spot them?
Booting has got me out all over beautiful new countryside and experiencing fun new horses like this adorable Icelandic rocking Vipers:
another cute client--gotta love an Arab face!
I'll also be riding a friend's sale horse at Cache Creek 50 in 2 weeks, so that's an exciting chance to get back into ride camp. If you're interested in a 100 mile experienced 10 yr old bay Arab gelding, email me at for more. Or come check him out at Cache Creek!!

When not hoof and boot adventuring, here's a few other favorite activities my assistants and I take part in!

Stay tuned for training, the 50, and an all in the family swap yet to come!  Also Happy Anniversary and love you to my husband :-) 

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