Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Entire

We had a proper storm. Two inches of rain at least, hail, wind, and horses spurning the fancy sheds. But not immune from shivering tragically and inspiring warm mashes and blanketing. I'm so firmly wrapped around their hooves!

Fie upon your fancy shed, human
spring is blooming, budding, stretching, delighting the eye
 Riding is catharsis, caring for my herd is therapy, and snatching golden evenings with my husband and dogs the mortar in between. 
 great galloping wieners
My original crew dog, Georgia, has made a wonderful turn around after knocking at Forever After's door. She is glossy and gaining weight, her little rat tail ThumpThumpThumps when I walk into a room she's lurking under a blanket in. The cat gets herded and she weaves between hooves as I trim them and scold her. It isn't forever, but it's for now, and it's wonderful.

 Sheza turns 4 next week
 I pulled Apache out for a stroll, some grazing, grooming, and a hoof trim. Today was the first day he immediately relaxed in the cross ties and even, *finally* relaxed his plywood neck! :)
He's super sweet and willing, but he startles at his own startles and in general is pretty tense in the neck and head. He is holding his breath less but this was definitely the first relaxed lowered head time in the cross ties. I still don't have his hooves to where I want them but they're coming along! If I can force myself to make time for it once a week the adjustments really come along nicely. 

I have the same vet clinic that diagnosed Scrappy's back coming out to vaccinate the herd and do a few dentals next week. I suspect Blaze, Desire, and Apache may need their teeth addressed and my 6 1/4 need their spring shots. I gave vaccines myself for years but I don't relish it and aside from needing dentals having Loomis come do it all lets me establish a working relationship with them on my herd, since I've recently lost my usual vet.

fine horseflesh, April 2015..
anyone else noticing Rory is as big as Scrappy..err

Scrappy is going out to pasture for a year with a reassessment and possible controlled progressive rehab to follow. I need the year to wrap my head around it all, honestly. I have heard all the reasons why his injury may not be the end for us in endurance but it all tastes like bitter lemons when faced with the pain he endured for my hobby. I'm sure it will temper with time but I feel through my horse's breath and at the moment the thought of building him up so I can ride on an injured spot in his back just sounds wrong. I know my physical limitations as far as 2 pointing the entire ride, too. So I'm not deciding anything now, just mulling it all over and reminding myself that yes, I acted to the best of my knowledge and ability in the moment for his welfare. But still. I am growing as ever, stretching, embracing bitter truths, I suppose. 

Spring, entire. 


  1. You wrote:
    "I acted to the best of my knowledge and ability in the moment for his welfare"

    That, essentially, is the truest expression of love & the best that we can ever do -- for the animals (& for the people too).

  2. That is hard about Scrappy. But these horses can be pretty resilient. Time off and correct healing I hope will bring him back. You're doing/have done all the right things.

    The rest of your herd looks amazing, with some good challenges ahead. And I'm so glad tiny Georgia is doing well, these old creatures are special.

  3. Apache looks like a good beastie...once those hooves are shaped up and he settles he might be quite the going horse. He looks good. Sorry to hear about Scrappy, total respect for figuring out what was up and here's hoping for a good outcome.

  4. *hugs*

    I'm sure you have chiro planned for Apache? I wonder how that will impact his tenseness? A friend's horse who was super stiff like that was completely changed after his chiro and accu appointment! Gah is that little gelding so cute!!

    Beautiful photos as always; your evenings look peaceful - and I'm so happy to hear little Georgia is doing well. =)

    1. I am waiting on a call back from my chiro :) He got a much needed dental today. On our way to a softer pony

  5. And thanks all, for the good wishes and thoughts!