Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Moab Day 2

Travel and Day 1 is in a separate post below this one..

Rip and I were well rested and ready for more adventure this morning, and this time I headed out on GE LZP Chrislazell, a nice mare who could really truck! She is a daughter of GE Double Zell, who is now a gelding but has a perfect and perfectly impressive record with 55 starts, 55 completions, including 4 successful goes at Tevis! Chrislazell is an athletic and quiet ride and a gorgeous deep red chestnut color.

 The two interns, D, and I were all riding pasture mates, and mares at that, so in the cool December air we all found ourselves having a Yeehaw moment or two, but we all kept it in the saddle and had a great ride on yet another beautiful day.

Chrislazell--sticking with the redhead theme ;)


 wee wild mane!
It was another sublime day out on good horses in killer scenery. Not much more to say than that!


  1. My eyes are failing me. Are they all bare?

    1. bare...foot? Yes many of them are, some have Easyboot Glue-ons..

    2. LOL... yes, bareFOOT. I thought it looked like it, and i was prepared to be impressed since it's moderately rocky footing.

  2. Beautiful Scenery! Thanks for sharing!