Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Moab!

Berry Haat Salza takes me on our maiden voyage
I know, right. It's gorgeous, the weather is unfairly amazing, and I am counting my lucky stars! To backtrack a bit, I had an uneventful 10 hr drive to Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday. My travelin' man, 9 week old longhaired Miniature Dachshund Rip was a DOLL!  A great traveler and reliable user of puppy pads--plus painfully cute! What more do you need.

 Rip the travelin' pup
Headed out, Hwy 20 out of Grass Valley
 First snow of the trip, seen at Donner Pass
 You guessed it..Nevada
 Leaving Salt Lake City, Utah, Tuesday a.m. as the weather turned nasty there
 Outside Salt Lake somewhere..
 It's turning red! Moab is near!!
 "Are we there yet?"
 Another uneventful but scenic 4 hour drive on Tuesday got us into Moab in the early afternoon, and what else is there to do then but Saddle UP! My first mount was of course the blonde bombshell I've been hinting about, and some of you closer friend readers know that I have had my eye on this one for a few years now!

7 yr old purebred Sweepstakes Arabian mare Berry Haat Salza--can you tell she is related to Desire and Sheza? :-)
 Out on the trail!!

 Thanks to the Global interns for some great photos of Salza and I! :-)

Heading back
 Pretty redheaded thing, flaxen like my Sheza <3
After a nice 10 mile loop it was time to get the puppy and I settled in. We had a nice dinner with D&C but were off to bed before 9, fortunately Rip and I were both totally exhausted and slept great. Pics from Day 2 coming Next!


  1. Wow, she is GORGEOUS!!! I hope you get her just so I can drool over more pictures of her:)

  2. You are making me miss riding... haven't been out in over a week. NASTY weather! And now there is nice weather and I am working! Boo.