Monday, November 26, 2012

A Big Day for a Bay

I'm going to break that new-age rule "Pics or it didn't happen" because Blaze just isn't good with a camera and turns out the dogs are poor paws at photography too. You'll just have to take my word on the following: Joey's two front hooves resided happily and quietly in Renegade hoof boots for the first time today and Joey's two hind hooves--yes, including The Precious-- were picked up and rasped on for the first time today. Cheese and Rice! This is PROGRESS. 

I had to lead with that, but to back pedal a little, I just got back from 4 days on the redwood coast visiting family for Thanksgiving. I took my traveling Georgia dog and we had a great time. We got home yesterday afternoon and I was ready to RIDE, and so on to the Bay Boys, who joined me for a few miles stroll through the neighborhood this morning. 

Blaze channeling his Morgan/mini Andalusian side with wavy locks
 Joey staring down the Neighborhood Terror
 The Bay Boys don't feel the need for personal space
 Such a fine head, and such difference colored Bays!
 Happy trail pony taking a break
Culverts, tires, hubcaps, dogs, dirtbikes, trucks, cars, cows, horses, donkeys, sheep, bridges, water, construction signs...just some of the things Joey takes in stride on these jaunts through the neighborhood
 Photo-bombing Joey :-p
 (mostly) fearless leader
 Bay boys after work and before trims
junior saddle pony!
As for the boot and rasp thing, Joey was so blase about me cleaning his front hooves this morning I decided to put the boots on him for the heck of it and see what he did. I just had a feeling, and I was right. I slid the boots on, he set his hoof down calmly, then lifted each front hoof a few times as if testing the weight--but that was it! He walked out of the cross ties fine in them but my second size 0 is broken and the size 1 on his front right was just too too big, when he turned around it spun on his hoof, which didn't bother him but clearly wouldn't do any good out on the trail, so for the ride he went barefoot again.*After* the ride I cleaned up his front hooves with the rasp and decided to have a go at this hinds, too. He stepped off from it of course and I was pretty tolerant with it as I didn't want to push him into a panic. With quiet patience and a few minutes he *did* let me lift and rasp at BOTH hinds, yes, the Precious right hind was christened with a rasp today! Major major huge progress for a horse that wouldn't even let you lay a hand on his right flank without blind panic a month or two ago.

I am off to be in wedding this weekend and then taking off on a super incredibly awesome and exciting road trip! I'll be driving back to Moab, Utah to ride and visit my Pico Haat Shaat horse's relatives. Sheza's dad, DWA Express, is there as well as her grandpa Blitzen of Pico. And some other relatives, including a blond bombshell that I can't wait to ride and hope to maybe be so lucky as to bring home some day. After some days in Moab it's off to New Mexico for MORE riding! Needless to say I can hardly sleep at night for the anticipation of my "horsey hippie station wagon road trip" as my good riding buddy said--Haha!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving


  1. Blaze is such a cute boy, plus he puts up with Joey. And what a great success with Joey! I love the stories of the Precious, and am so glad he's finally figuring out that trusting you isn't so bad.

    And I'm completely jealous of your trip, it sounds like a great adventure. But what a bad tease, this blond bombshell?! And riding in Moab and New Mexico? Wow! Pictures of all these adventures please!

    1. There will be lots of photos shared, don't worry! And as much as I have time to write up for the blog. I can't jinx the blonde bombshell, details will follow when appropriate ;)

  2. Awesome news about The Precious. And it sounds like you have a SWEET trip ahead, safe travels and have a BLAST!