Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to De-worm a 19 mo old Arabian

Step 1: Admire your Arabian filly, just waking up from a nap, very cute.
 Step 2: Continue to mentally coo as she gets up and stretches a little. Halter filly with de-wormer syringe ready in your pocket
 Step 3: Quick hands and quicker head tosses--I swear most of it went in
Step 4: Pay the price as filly eyeballs you suspiciously on next approach in case you are carrying White Murder Paste again. 

Hug your Arabian, because they are never boring and really kinda lovable.


  1. Ha Ha!

    MY worming trick:

    obtain nice little portion of sweet feed.

    obtain paste wormer

    Mix well with sweet feed.

    Feed to "pony" ...good to the last drop!

  2. HAH! I think my eight year old arabian and your filly have been studying from the same book. Doesn't matter how often I orally dose her with something, even something as yummy as applesauce, she's always a pain. Good luck with your filly!

  3. My conclusion is: Fillies are NEVER boring! Enjoy your de-worming, Folks :)